April 13, 2024

How to reduce the failing aspect of monetary currency


How to reduce the failing aspect of monetary currency
Or should the headlineto this main topic rather have sounded as: How to reduce the reluctance of the Globally failing monetary policies ? Maybe, the Task should have been named after this rather ? As we adress it here with the same essay.

But however, almost in every country across Europe and even amongst the significant members staes of the European Union, minimum wage and the disablity of self financing life , and the cost involved for citizens of these countries have taken a upper hand, in most of todays socities within and outside the european union. Even in the united states minimum wage and the lacking to self financing life cost and the expeditures involved had played a major role but from some years ago. When the finance crisis had just occured and the mortagage market was mostly de – stablized but harmful to the american society. And then also to its way of life. Today, the main task for the american country and the american Government of course is to reduce the widen of inflation. That is concerning both the inflation of monetary currency and the increasing inflation of goods. But by the way, adressing the same problem here. No one is really to fortune to finding the truth with the actual wage or even the per head income that exist in the countries that are considerbly defined as the global south. Because one may perdict that the present financial systems that are also responsible to finance vast parts of modern socitiy. And furthermore their path and policy to finance a country. Must always incument a significant number of cassualties because of its structure and the policies that are implemended. If we reflect only for the amount of investment that is made in general for the citizens and people of the country. Meaning here, it is only obvious that some must fail in life. And even with the many oppotunities that are given, these structures can never feed all at once. We assume a much lower wage index for these countries that are defined as the global south, after all.

But what is the actual reluctance with monetary currency ? and why is money and currency so very much encouraging the spread and disadvantages in the modern socities of the 21. centuary ?
Money and Currency was established to ease the ability of exchange within a common society. If the citizens of a Town could not buy or pay inn for the goods at the Marketplace, for example. The Kings, Lords and Barons payed for the deficit in advance. By equiping its people with money to pay for the amount and just in their names. Such practicies were established but many 100 dred years ago. Anyways, by then goods were only a few for the exchanging of commodities on the same marketplace. What as a result of that made the actual calculation much easier . Most socities, communities or states were only successful for their agriculture, farming, and hand made manufacture that they could host for their people. And even their exchanging of goods and commodities would have then been only amongst their fellow citizens. As one would hardly go across boarders to exchange with outsiders. This same reasons and the insights of the developement here, must have lead to whereas the European Union decided for a the general implementation of a single currency market, some hundred years later. In other words: the innovation and further advancement of currency was to ease the general exchange. There as a equivellent substitute, currency would be very helpful to still aquire a common good. Even if the participant in the market would not afford the full amount of the cost.

But the actual ground has change. Now, no one else would suggest the same frame for acting with the time spend. But as time has improved, money has become a huge lacking and losing aspect for most for societies. And maybe even the strongest opponent to human life ? A pictures that is mostly horrify and contributing to a worst case seznario is the same case whereas doctors would not supply the accurate medical treatment. If a Patient is not in the position to pay the service at hand . Another more afflicting example of what money and currency has done to our lives: are the many more people within our the societies that are gradually increasing in number homless people. And furthermore, the actual Poverty rate, that is alinged with the same subject amongst Ageing people in many civilized westen world societies.

Just as from the time that the Industrialisation had been established within those societies, the same outbreak of poverty accured soon after. And even amongst ageing people. It has as a byproduct of massproduction, afflicted almost every country that was part of the huge industrialisation wave that has its startingpoint from beyond 19. centuary. In the aftermath, Machines would exchange people for their wages. And people would go broke. And become poor for not having a work to do. The actual participation of all citizens and people in our scoiety would be accounted and rather referred too, with the question: To have work or have not ? pulling these two facts together: Time is money. And money would become life. and still we are observing a huge lacking with how money is forsterd to finance our lives. The accountability of money forsees whereas some are not in the position or rather the right place and time to be considered to have money. It is often mentioned that just by education this problem would be solved. But most economist of renounced countries would rather admid to the insight that there is just not enough for all of us. Or the same structure that we are abiding with is not effcitive enough to feed ll of us. This is a general lacking that we can not longer actept. We must make sure that the same education systems will make success of all man available and effordable. otherw ise of societie are meant and furthermore understood to become a most failing aspect. How can we increase and implemend a supportice act to increase the middle class for our socities ? The middle class is the most dominant segment of our society in order to portrait the success that a society can aquire for its citizens. The wages for that same sction of society conclude and result us with the most capable aspect that our socities can bear. In a middle class asumption of the time magazin for April 2022 this year henry bloke decribed the middle class as being referred to as to the three H´S. That is H for Housing. The second H for Higher Education. And the third H for Health Insurance and health as a result of a healthy lifestyle. i personally would admitt to the most current insight that health has something significant to do with income, as to how a average picture of differnt studies suggest. But not only here do i understand a connection. I would rather referre to a link between education and health in the same way as to income and health.

A shriking MiddleClass is a emerging problem for the succes of our socities at present. As modern society can only be successful: if it can account to significant middle class that can afford the wealth. The success of a society thereafter: acocounts the same amount of a successful middle class, as a result of most supprotive fiscal policies for the counrty.

Let s talk it back here to the three H ´s. Whereas, the middle class are supposed of being the ones that purchase the services and supplies that we offer on the same economic marketplace. A deeper assesment here would be in fovourable support of the question: if a shriking middle class must be the result out of the wage index that defines the employment market as a sub segment of the economy ? and just because a full picture of the economy must complusorly referre to a comprehensive employment market, as a other most relevant aspect of the economy too. Such calculation for a comprehensive analysis of the economy are yet not a relevant figure for most economist. But will much later play a bigger role. And it must be considered with a greater attribute too, with time. The wage index already has a great share of what our socities can do. And what amount of success is affordable within our societies. To increase the middle class and encourage our citizens with better access to monetary currency must become a major task for our response.

The globally failing aspect of socities and thereby the instablity of other countries are valued and referred to: as to how much wealth countries can efford. Wealthy countries will be assumed and meassured by the seize of their middle class. The economic sucess defines the general sucess of a country. Instablity is a byproduct and result of vast economic lackings. Which we forsee for most countries, whereas minimum wages are implemended in the economic structures. And cannot efford to finance the life quality standrad that we supply to our societies in a whole. The failing aspect of monetary currency has become a major porblem for our socities and need government to respond to it. Money had been an adavntage from before time. As money had enabled citizens and people to participate in the market, even if they did not have the required good or commoditiy for exchange. But today, money is cutting short the access that all citizens must have. from not being in the position to efford housing to most deficits in: how to finance their own families and the cost and expenditures that are basic requirement for living. To health insurances and engery or pwer cost. All other expects of life that we supply fall short of the amount of montary currency that we supply to our citizens and our socities. The big wave of the industralisation has changed the frame of operandi and extended the actual spectrum of factors involved in the same thinking. We have moved from earning wages from sales and contributing to a market. To supplying wages just for work and purchasing from the market. This is a relevant paridigm shift that need to be put within order for the success of monetary currency.